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Organisations usually view its work force as their driving force . The work force is believed to be the determinant of how far the company will go in terms of achieving its objectives . Organisations usually formulate strategies aimed at upskilling this workforce . This is usually done through methods aimed at improving the skill possessed by its workers

Organisations usually formulate strategies , which are aimed at achieving their workforce level objectives (Argyris , 1976p .34-56 . Since the organisations are required to try and create a team that

possess high skills the process of coming up with a workforce of higher skill need not be universally accepted . The companies are supposed to adopt a way of moving towards higher skill that fits its requirements (Terry 1960p .104-109 . This method of creating a workforce of higher skill should be formulated the best way possible an organisation can manage considering its requirement in terms of organizational strategy (Torbert , W . 2004p .41-42

Workforce structure

Work force in organisations is usually composed of two categories depending on the type of workers . These categories are : -

Skilled workers

Unskilled workers

Skilled workers refers to workers of organisations who are believed to possess qualities such as possession of a certain level of good education in their field of specialisation . The Skilled workers are also believed to have acquired experience in their fields of specialisation Skilled workers are required to have other features that enable them to be termed as efficient in their duties . Examples of these features include good communication skills and also interpersonal skills which aid incase one has to work in a group . Skilled workers are also termed as having broad level of general knowledge which is a factor in efficiency in their duties . Examples of skilled workers include Mechanical engineers , doctors , management accountants , finance officers and also civil engineers

Unskilled workers are workers in organisations who do not need to have any educational (formal ) background . These workers need not have any experience to get jobs in an organisation . Unskilled workers are believed to have no skill for the jobs they carry out for organisations These are the workers in an organisation who are believed to be at the bottom under the consideration of the level of qualifications

Most of the employees who are unskilled in organisations include cleaners and also loaders in stores . According to statistical data in the UK the skilled workers usually get the task of seeking employment easy . This is because most of the employment vacancies available are skilled occupations . It has been found that out of every 1 ,000 skilled job seekers , 75 end up succeeding . The statistical data has also revealed that the organisations in the UK give better working conditions to the skilled employees . It has been found that this preference in terms of better working conditions to skilled workers is usually an attempt by the organisation to maintain skilled teams in their organisation

This is not the case with unskilled workers . These workers find it hard...

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