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Business Research &Interview

Running Head : Business Research and Interview




May 14th , 2010


Jerry 's famous Deli Inc is a corporation that is based in Orange County The corporation is a consolidator of independent restaurants and delicatessens in America . The corporation operates around ten branches mostly in California and in other states like Florida (IGI , 2000 . The fleet of restaurants under the corporation operates twenty-four hours seven days a week with the corporation 's motto as `where food and people mix . The success of the corporation is probably

because of its effective management and its policies . I managed to arrange for a face-face interview with the manager of Jerry 's famous Deli Corporation to inquire on the success of the corporation as well as its secrets to a thriving business

Questions asked during the interview

Interviewer : What does your job as the manager of the corporation undertake

Manager : Well , my role as the manager of the fleet of restaurants under the corporation is to ensure the smooth sailing of all the restaurants and that all of them are able to make the targets of each week . Each restaurant under the corporation has its own target and my job is to ensure that the target is made and in the process huge profits

Interviewer : What other professional experiences have you encountered that have made an impact in your life and have made you a better manager

Manager : I have ample professional experience as a manager of other businesses and the flaws...

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