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Business around the globe takes different forms with varying products and target market . Some enterprises become successful than others depending on their management criteria and achieved sales volume . Some will even close down for failing to thrive in the market occasionally by competition from other firms which deals with similar products or close substitutes

This gives an analysis of a business article relating to Altria Group , a company that is known in the manufacturing of Marlboro - the world 's most popular cigarette and how it will split its Kraft foods

br division to shareholders . The analysis will give vivid discussion outlining noted relationships on business ideas and strategies as well as the differences . Despite increased pressure from Government agencies and other organizations , Altria Group has continued to excel in the market with even higher prospects of attractive future mainly in the developing countries where market for cigarettes is expanding day by day . The review seeks to know the reasons as to why Altria Group is thriving in the market considering its external forces which acts as threats to its overall operations


Altria Group appears to be applying SWOT analysis strategy to ensure its survival as the company 's management team evaluates strengthen weaknesses , opportunities and threats that are involved in the business operations . By monitoring the external and internal marketing environment Atria Group has managed to realize huge profits through raising prices , a case that is seen even in the United States with over forty five million people as smokers . The Company 's executive team has been treating weaknesses in the right manner , for example , after realizing that Phillip Morris had developed a negative image in the public arena associated with the cigarettes harmful effects , the executive team decided to change the company 's to Altria Group . The move successfully countered that weakness and firm 's image was guarded

The company adopts the expansion strategy and this it done through the sale of its shares thereby giving it a stable financial base . Altria Group banking of its strengths as well , unlike most consumer products cigarettes manufacturing cost is very low , this has enabled the company to remain in business its manufacturing budget is never constrained with profits that are almost certain , cigarettes are very addictive and once a person forms a habit of smoking he becomes an addict thus a potential consumer of that product . Addiction will therefore ensure that the company retains old customers with new consumers joining it . Besides the company regularly increases the prices of cigarettes a thing that does not necessarily affect its marketability , this advantage is fully utilized by the company more importantly whenever the government increase taxes on cigarettes (with an aim discouraging its citizens from smoking

Altria Group increases its retail recommended prices . This ensures that it is the customer who bares the tax burden and thus the company stands not to lose . Cigarettes global market is almost certain with the products demand increasing and penetrating in all regions of the...

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