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Business Current Event

FDA Clears Avastin for Breast Cancer (Matthew Perrone , Associated Press , February 22 ,2008

Avastin , a drug which slows down the growth of tumor but does not ensure patient survival was recently approved for use against late-stage ' breast cancer . Reaction to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) decision was not unanimous , however . It worried experts who see a downward shift in FDA approval requirement from patient survival to mere progression free survival ' They fear that the ruling will open the floodgate to more tumor-shrinking ' drugs and may discourage companies from conducting more

thorough and far-reaching research efforts aimed at patient survival . Breast cancer advocates , on the other hand , applauded the decision . They argued that stopping breast cancer tumor from progressing affords patients a longer life and gives them time to wait for future developments that might ultimately cure them (Perrone

The issue of whether Avastin should be introduced to the market is an ethical one . Although based on rather different reasons , arguments for and against it are based on the welfare of breast cancer patients . Those who are in favor of allowing the drug to be sold legally wants the patients to live longer and hope that the day would come when research finally come up with a drug which could really cure breast cancer Included in this group are the cancer patients themselves and their loved ones who do not want to lose their hope for a final cure for this disease . Arguing against the FDA decision are experts in the field who also want the best for the patients . Their worry is that this decision would discourage drug researchers and manufacturers to continue research efforts to discover the final cure since they now could make money by simply selling tumor-shrinking ' drugs . If this happens , breast cancer patients would be on the losing end , entertaining a hope that would probably never materialize

The FDA should therefore do everything in its power to insure that research efforts for the final cure are continued . After providing the patients with a stop-gap measure , it is morally-bound not to let the poor breast cancer patients waiting for a cure that is not forthcoming .Work Cited

Perrone , Matthew . FDA Clears Avastin for Breast Cancer ' Associated Press

22 February 2008 . 23 February 2008...

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