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Bus 290 ( Business Ethics )

As the article stated , Texaco , along with the other petroleum companies had yet to rid themselves of the good old boy ' culture that dominated , preventing the advancement of women and minorities to positions of more power . When this is the case , and it becomes fashionable to implement policies and programs which aim at highlighting diversity and protecting women and minorities , the good old boy 's will only do the bare minimum in achieving the supposed goals of the policies and programs . Usually , and especially in the case of Texaco this only means

claiming you have such programs but not actively working towards the positive solutions at which the programs aim . When the problem rests at the top of the hierarchy , the only way change will occur is if something is done about those at the top . When changes are implemented in the middle or bottom of the hierarchy , nothing changes at the top . The programs aimed at diversifying the company will remain a tool of the powerful and nothing will really ever change

The 35 million Texaco set aside for its diversity program would not be well spent in the expansion of such programs , as CEO Peter Bijour claims . Rather , the money should be used to make the company much more transparent . A corporation should not be given the same rights as citizens there should be no privacy in the decisions made at the top The 35 million should be in some small way used as early retirement packages for corrupt executives so the company can begin again as a model of diversification...

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