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Broken Home

Broken home : what is it and what are its consequences

Relationships between parents and children have always been a significant topic to discuss and a serious matter to think about . In fact , they are the essence of the family life and the basis of children 's formation as a personality . It is important to pay attention to these relationships because they are usually tensed and strained When a child is grown up in a family where he /she feels indifference and coldness he /she will take such vision of mutual relationships into

his /her own adult life . Love and care of the family members have a crucial impact on the child 's psychical development

In the English language "broken home " refers to the family where the bonds between mother , father and children have turned sour or ruptured individuals are weakened or uprooted as a result (Fend Broken Home . This term is used to note a family in which love , care , and understanding are absent . Every family member is a victim . Nobody wants to blame him- /herself , nobody cares about other person 's feelings , and nobody wants to suffer . Parents are quarrelling among themselves and as a result have no time for their kids . Sometimes it can be even worst - parents blame their children in all problems . No doubt , such a family cannot be useful for a society as it cannot be useful even for its own members . In the broken home ' family relationships are broken

For a child life in such a home is a nightmare . As we all well know every child needs love and attention . Without these elements child will suffer emotionally , thus he /she won 't develop as a well-balanced personality . Moreover , child in such a family will always be between his /her fighting parents . The kid loves both parents equally and wants them to leave in mutual love and respect . When the child sees his /her parents quarreling , he /she may think that he /she is the reason of their disagreement . This awareness makes the kid 's life more complicated . The famous Papa Roach 's song reflects the child 's feelings and emotions which he /she experiences while leaving in such family . The kid begins to blame his- /herself in all

parents ' problems

Broken home . all alone

I can 't seem to fight these feelings

And my wounds are not healing

I 'm stuck in between my parents

I know my mother loves me , but does my father even care

If I 'm sad or angry you were never ever there

What 's wrong with me (1-2 , 4-5 , 13-14 , 20

That 's why parents should pay due attention to their mutual relationships , as well as to the relationships with their kids . Life in a broken home ' negatively influences kid 's growth

Broken home ' is a serious problem families must deal with . Such type of family is characterized by constant cry , fear , and tears . On the contrary , well-being family is characterized by love , care , and joy . The...

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