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Breaking Social Norms

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SPE 1023



I 've often wondered what it would be like to eat spaghetti with just the noodles and bits of grated cheese . No sauce or any other food bits added aside from the grated cheese . It sounds a bit odd but it fits the criteria in the Garfinkel experiment . For this assignment , I have decided that this will be the social norm which I would like to break At first I wasn 't sure if I would be able to deliver

the experiment properly since I didn 't know in which situations I should be able to perform it but I chose two separate locations wherein I knew I would be eating pasta . The first one was at a kid 's birthday party in our neighborhood and the next one was at the Fazoli 's restaurant

Before performing the experiment , I did experience going through the process of communication apprehension as I wasn 't sure what was to come out of this experiment so I had to prepare myself for the responses of those who will be able to witness it . At the kid 's party , my plan actions were to get a plate full of spaghetti noodles and sprinkle it with cheese if it 's a buffet style party but if it 's ala carte , I would make a request to the server or one of the parents of the birthday celebrant if they could make a separate meal for me wherein in the plate only contained spaghetti noodles and grated cheese . If anyone asks why I chose to eat it that way , I would just simply say that it was my preference and if they seem interested to know why it is so , my plan contingencies were to be to explain the satisfaction that I get when I eat it in that way or a new diet experiment that I 'm trying out . As for the Fazoli 's restaurant , my plan action was to ask one of the servers for a plate of spaghetti without the sauce and only add parmesan cheese If for some reason it can 't be done , I would just ask the server if the meat sauce could be separated from the noodles . For the plan contingencies , I would apply the same responses done at the birthday party

The day of the party had arrived and I was a bit anxious in performing the experiment as I wasn 't sure if I would be able to pull it off and relay my thoughts effectively . When I got to my neighbor 's house , the food set-up was buffet style so I just had to take the plate full of spaghetti noodles with grate cheese and I was good to go . While I looked for my friend 's table , some of the kids noticed my plate and giggled about as I walked past them . Most of the kids were busy playing but there was this one particular...

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