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Book review/analyzation

Book review /analyzation : When Things Fall Apart

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Book review /analyzation : When Things Fall Apart

Achebe in Things Fall Apart ' narrates the colonialism era of Nigeria that started from British invasion and their extensive administration all over the country . The novel has the widespread coverage over the collision of two cultures

The story revolves around a wealthy farmer Okonkwo in an Ibo Village and his achievements . He has many hobbies , ambitions and goals . He 's also a great wrestler , member of egwugwu , and very popular among

the village Achebe describes the events in the late 19th century occurring in that village "The conflict of the novel , vested in Okokwo , derives from the series of crushing blows which are leveled at traditional values by an alien and more powerful culture causing , in the end , the traditional society to fall apart " G .D . Killam . The conflict that arose between the two cultures after colonialism caused much frustration and un-satisfaction . Okonkwo was unable to adjust in this situation . He kills one of the Africans employed by British company and then kills himself

Okonkwo is an old powerful man from Nigeria he is very strong person and resembled more like wartime soldier . He was stable in his believes and never converted to Christianity as other did when British rule became widespread in their village . When he found that his village was excessively westernized he wasn 't able to adjust . He never wanted to live a kind of slavery for other people . He 's a very tough gentleman and hardworking and has a lot of respect among his villagers . In the novel Things fall apart ' Achebe portrays many views of a village life and the cultural aspects . He 's very kind hearted , caring , devoted , and strong man who demonstrates his power as a wartime warrior

In Things Fall Apart , Achebe carefully makes the readers aware that the traditional Igbo culture that Okonkwo claims to represent varied from clan to clan and was very dynamic . Okonkwo 's flaw is his rigidity Achebe is critical of any culture that is stagnant . Achebe 's achievement in fact was that he communicated meaningfully both with his Western readers , who were for the most part ignorant of the material he was handling , and with those who knew it very intimately (MonkeyNotes

Achebe easily created a communication bridge between the two contrasting cultures to inform both of them their values . His point of focus is that each culture has its own identity and each culture is unique . We 've to value other 's culture , ethnic and religious background . If we 'll try to impose our egos on others then it will only create hatred and distraction

The story of Okonkwo and the Ibo people of Nigeria is the story of British colonization and the collapse of the indigenous culture . The first to arrive were the missionaries , who appear to the village outcasts as having a superior faith (Things Fall apart

The message novelist gives is that whatever...

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