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Book Report on `Cabeza de Vacas Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America

Covey , C (Trans Ed (1983 . Cabeza de Vaca 's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of

America . Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press

Cabeza de Vaca 's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America describes the adventures of Cabeza de Vaca , a Spanish soldier who was shipwrecked in the state of Florida in the year 1528 . The man traveled with a handful of his companions across the states of Florida , Texas , New Mexico , Arizona , in addition to the north of Mexico for many years following the shipwreck . He was sometimes looked upon as

a slave , at other times he became a medicine man for the Native Americans encountered along the way . The book describes Native Americans of the time in great depth . Even the flora and fauna of the time - much of which was unique to Cabeza de Vaca - may be seen through the eyes of the Spanish traveler (Covey , 1983

Indeed , this book is one of its kind not only for those that wish to discover more about the history of America but also ardent readers of accounts of adventures . Cabeza de Vaca 's experiences open up the mind After all , with all our modern conveniences , including excellent means of transport , the people of our time are not expected to become lost and develop enough courage to find their way out of misadventures as did Cabeza de Vaca . Moreover , entirely unique adventures such as those experienced by the Spanish traveler are not easy to experience nowadays with all sorts of...

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