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Book Report English

Bluest Eye


Toni Morrison

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Bluest Eye

It is then the start of school but the sisters Claudia and Frieda MacTeer are out to gather coals which had fallen from the railroad cars There was once when Claudia got sick while they went out to gather coals , her mother was mad though still took good care of her but the child did not understand that her mother was mad at

the sickness and not at her , she also remember how her sister use to comfort her by singing to her

With that incident , she remembered that love was present , it is an understood though not directly expressed feeling

The MacTeer household had an addition the first one was Mr . Henry Washington who lived with Mrs . Della Jones who already grew old and was left by her husband who was believed to have run off with another woman Another one is Pecola Breedloove , she is to be pity with because her father put their family house into ashes and now she 's under the country 's custody . Miss Breedlove , being a part of the MacTeer family loves to drink milk using Shirley temple cup but Claudia expressed how she always disliked the Shirley temple and the doll which has giver her as a present for Christmas . She tends to know why everyone thinks that the blue-eyed doll is beautiful and where could its beauty ' be found

It was in the afternoon of Saturday when Pecola drank three quarts of milk and Mrs . MacTeer got mad because of that , the sisters tried to avoid her when Pecola starts bleeding . Frieda thought that Pecola was just having her menstruation and tried to place a pad to the latter 's dress . Pecola then suddenly asked how babies are made , and then Frieda answered her that she has to find someone to love her first

It is on the Saturday morning of October . Mrs . Breedlove wakes first and started out a sudden burst of action in the kitchen . Pecola is still in bed but she knows that her mother will start a fight with his father The couple fight between Cholly and his wife became a routine every after he gets home drunk , their son Sammy would actually either join the fight or run away from home while Pecola would find a way of how to stand the situation

Mrs . Breedlove would ask Cholly to bring her some coal for the stove but Cholly would refuse to do so and she says that once she sneeze and gets cold from fetching the coal outside , then the husband is in trouble Unfortunately Mrs . Breedlove sneezed then the fight started . The wife would use a pan to hit her husband then their son would help her mother by hitting his fathers head . Once Cholly knocks out , Sammy would ask his mother to kill his father quick but then...

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