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The Book, `Blood Meridian` by Cormac McCarthy


Et In Arcadia Ego in Blood Meridian

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In the novel Blood Meridian ' by Corma McCarthy , one of the prominent characters is that of Judge Holden since he has participated in several important events that occur in the novel . Likewise , he has been among the last persons whom the child encountered in the last scenes in the story . Among the interesting things in the story is that of the

inscription in the Judge 's rifle , which reads Et in Arcadia ego , which is a Latin phrase that also happens to be the painting of Nicolas Poussin ( Et in Arcadia Ego ' 2009

Having this in terms of the context of the novel , there is a certain metaphor that can be seen wherein the interpretation for both the ending of the novel is also the same as that of the painting made by the abovementioned artist (Candy Minx , 2007 . It is common for the rifles to be engraved with something but it is unusual for the same to be placed with an inscription that comes from the title of a painting that shows pastoral sceneries

Thus , while it is possible for rifles to be given inscriptions , it is impossible for the same rifle at that particular time to be engraved with the exact same phrase as that of the one in Judge Holden 's rifle . A picture below...

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