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Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds

Behind every Girl 's Bestfriend

Blood , conflict , illicit , diamonds - the issue has gone global and the world became aware that the innocent girl 's best friend has been tainted by blood and become the worst nightmare for people , including children in some parts of the globe . They call them conflict diamonds because for the past several years the shiny gem has fuelled wars in conflict ridden countries in Africa . According to sources , these diamonds often originate from territories under the control of rebel groups . The profit in selling these

diamonds is used to buy small arms and munitions that are used to fight the wars for liberation . They call them blood diamonds because of all the bloodshed the diamonds have caused , because through these diamonds , wars are being fuelled , men women and children get killed , and slavery has found nesting places . Partnership Africa Canada reports that upwards of 50 ,000 [have been] killed , half the population displaced , and more than two-thirds of its already severely limited infrastructure destroyed

Mining the Diamonds

Rebel groups such as the RUF of Sierra Leone and UNITA of Angola , in to mine blood diamonds enslave civilians in mining camps . They are treated as prisoners and are not paid for their services . What is shocking is that most of these miners are children . The worst of all is that aside from being used as miners , these children are being forced to become soldiers too . Young girls are being raped into submission , while young boys are forced to carry guns and kill elders in to psychologically control them . Drugs are also being used . Once the children become hooked up to it , their dependence on it will equate to their loyalty to the movement . The rough diamonds that are mined are then sold into the black market

Struggling for Social Justice

After the world has become witness to the horrors of the mining camps in Africa , a lot of activities have gone through . Celebrities Organizations , special interest groups - all want to be involved in fighting the war against blood diamonds . In 2000 , the World Diamond Congress adopted the Kimberly Process , which is mainly a system of tracing whether a diamond being sold in the market is not a conflict diamond or not . Groups such as Amnesty USA and Stopblood diamonds .org have posted blogspots in the net to keep the bigger part of the globe aware and updated regarding the issue . The Belgian government has been very keen on its local diamond dealers . At blooddiamonds .com , the organized efforts of the Belgian government can be seen . Even celebrities have joined the cause . Leonard de Caprio starred in the movie Blood Diamond in to reach the pop culture . Kanye West 's song `Blood diamond ' shows his own self conflict with the diamonds . In the line See a part of me say keep shinin ' How when I know what a blood diamond is ' The music video of this song also shows how children are forced...

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