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The author of the book has described the growth of Blackwater , since the very beginning with respect to its organizational and instructional functions to what has now turned into a battle position serving as an interior security force in Iraq . In the words of the author , Meet Blackwater USA , the powerful private army that the U .S . government has quietly hired to operate in international war zones and on American soil . This is the unauthorized story of the epic rise of one of the most powerful and secretive forces to emerge from the

U .S military-industrial complex (Scahill , front cover

The book puts forward citations from representatives of the company according to whom Blackwater has the capacity to become so large that it can readily supply brigade-sized forces for civilized reasons , such as matters of maintaining peace as well as low-level disagreements . At the same time as placing emphasis on the likelihood of an a very daring President , who had the courage to take up the services of the mercenaries of Blackwater clandestinely , the author underrates the consequence of exposure on the deniability that he considers as crucial for happenings like these . Debatably , he also negates and that too in a very light manner the image of Blackwater which has now come down to a sort of reputable successor to a long and praiseworthy custom of indenture soldiering . Eventually , Blackwater as well as its other less famous equivalents flourish not just because of a neoconservative plot in opposition to the democratic system , as the author pronounces , but for the reason that they present comparatively low-priced substitutes and options in surroundings that have higher budgets as well as litheness at a time when war is progressively more erratic

The book presents to us the truth about Blackwater as well as its...

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