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Paper Topic:

Biosocial Theory: Anti-social behavior and family interaction

Biosocial Theory : Anti-social Behavior and Family Interaction


Problem Statement

Anti-social behavioral patterns are sometimes associated not only with familial upbringing , but sometimes , such concept is also linked with biological intrinsic character (Siegel and Welsh , 2004

.60 . The theoretical frameworks of biological and social domain are primarily integrative and evidently in continuous progressive interactions along with other contributory domains , such as psychological , environmental and intrinsic character (Abbott , 2001

.79 Vito et al , 2007


In terms of biological domain , the primary concept involves the physical morphology

, and external-internal attributes of an individual . Such domain emphasizes on the characteristics present on the individual which establish the unique capacity and traits that identifies the person ' intrinsic attributes . Social domain covers the integration of an individual with relationships , attachments , and commitments present in the societal functioning . In addition to social domain , the community is the prime environment and the fundamental constituents of this factor are the prime contributors that influence the individual 's social capacity (Abbott , 2001


By integrating the two proposed perspectives , the conceptual idea of biosocial theoretical framework forms as the integrative domain of both physical and communal attributes . Biosocial theory assumes that the probable cause of individual 's delinquency originates not only on the individual 's genetic make-up and personality traits . As for this theory biological negates the concept that an individual initiating an anti-social behavior , which also requires environmental declaration or initiation , such as environmental stressors , familial or social strain etc (Siegel , 2006

.150 . With the theory presented , anti-social behavior is justified to be innate and naturally present (Warren , 2000 br

.132 . The test measures implicated in the study is the validation and provision of support-based interlinking causalities that explains the theoretical contribution in anti-social behavior occurrences . With familial interaction and setting as the primary center , the possible occurrences are linked to such factors in to explain the etiology of anti-social behavior

Scope and Limitation

The study aims to integrate the theoretical framework and occurrence of anti-social behavior attributed through familial interaction . With the imposed primary goal , the study shall direct its overview in to attest the probable links between the phenomena imposed and the theoretical theory covered , biosocial theory . The research shall utilize literature review that includes validated and well-supported previous research writings , which provides substantial backbone of the overall study discussion . With critical analysis and data interpretation of the data gathered , the study shall provide the overall conclusion that should satisfy the probabilities related to main goal of the research The following shall be the primary objectives of the study that shall serve as the prime guidelines of the overall research

To be able to utilize the theoretical framework of biosocial theory in to explain the probable causalities implicated in the occurrence of anti-social behavior

The study shall center in the familial scope in determining the possible relationships implicated in the overall study

Purpose of the Statement

Significantly , with biosocial theory applied in the occurrence of anti-social...

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