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1 (Points : 2

Anaphylactic shock is characterized by dangerously high blood pressure .True False

2 (Points : 2

The aortic semilunar valve shuts when the pressure in the aorta is ______ and results in the _____ heart sound

a . less than in the left ventricle dupp (S2

b . less than in the right ventricle lubb (S1

c . greater than in the left ventricle dupp (S2

d . greater than in the left ventricle lubb (S1

e . greater than in the right ventricle dupp (S2 3 (Points : 2

An individual has been

losing weight and showing signs of anemia . A differential WBC count revealed an elevated eosinophil count . These are all symptoms of

a . a bacterial infection

b . a parasitic infection

c . a viral infection

d . leukemia

e . seasonal allergies

4 (Points : 2

Blood cannot get from an artery into a vein without passing through at least one capillary bed

True False

5 (Points : 2

The effect of vagal tone on the heart is to

a . prolong the plateau in the action potential

b . hyperpolarize the SA node

c . shorten the pacemaker potential

d . reduce conduction speed through the AV node

e . inhibit the breakdown of cAMP 6 (Points : 2

The bundle of His originates at the AV node

True False 7 (Points : 2

An increased afterload reduces the hearts ejection fraction

True False

8 (Points : 2

Because the human heart is myogenic

a . it will beat even if all nerves to it are severed

b . both ventricles pump the same amount of blood

c . it is not subject to the influence of hormones

d . it contracts rhythmically

e . it generates electrical activity that can be detected by an electrocardiograph 9 (Points : 2

The most important force in venous flow is

a . the pressure gradient generated by the heart

b . gravity

c . the skeletal muscle pump

d . the thoracic (respiratory ) pump

e . one way flow due to valves

10 (Points : 2

An individual has mitral valve prolapse , which generates a gurgling sound called a heart murmur . The murmur would be associated with the _____ heart sound and occurs when the ____

a . lubb (S1 atria contract

b . dupp (S2 atria relax

c . lubb (S1 ventricles contract

d . dupp (S2 ventricles relax

e . lubb (S1 ventricles relax 11 (Points : 2

The heart rate is increased by

a . hypothyroidism

b . acetylcholine

c . hyperkalemia

d . hypernatremia

e . hypercalcemia 12 (Points : 2

Since athletes are in better than average condition , their hearts beat faster at rest

True False 13 (Points : 2

The myocardia of the two atria are simultaneously excited , but the atria do not stimulate the ventricles directly , otherwise all of the chambers of the heart would contract at the same time . The signals from the atria are blocked from stimulating the ventricles directly by the

a . interventricular sulcus

b . interventricular septum

c . fibrous skeleton

d . conduction system

e . SA node 14 (Points : 2

Complement proteins , unlike antibodies , can lyse a foreign cell

True False 15 (Points : 2

Antibody molecules consist of ___ polypeptide chains depending...

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