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Biology Assignment

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Fungi and Man

Fungi are part of the Kingdom Fungi and are heterotrophic organisms . The most common forms of fungi are known by the terms yeast , mold , and mushroom . Because of the diversity of the organisms classified as fungi these have numerous effects on humans . These impacts can be either positive or negative in nature . Likewise , humans and their activities also impact the status of fungi across the world

The most common impact of yeast on human activities is

in its use in food preparation and preservation . Beer and wine , for example are fermented with the use of yeast . Baker 's yeast , scientifically known as HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Saccharomyces_cerevisiae " \o "Saccharomyces cerevisiae " Saccharomyces cerevisiae , is also used in preparing bread . Some fungal spores such as HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Penicillium_roqueforti " \o "Penicillium roqueforti " Penicillium roqueforti are also incorporated in cheese production to create new textures and colorations in the cheese . Certain types of mushrooms are also numbered along with other human food . The most familiar would be button mushrooms , Agaricus bisporus , which is mixed in with many soups and salads

Other impacts of fungi on human activities involve the drug and chemical industries . The production of certain antibiotics is done with the help of fungi . The miracle drug , penicillin , is a very solid example of a very useful impact of fungi on human life . Also , specific industrial chemicals are also synthesized through fungi

The types of fungi that are used in food , drug , and chemical production are non-toxic or edible . There are many other types of fungi , however that have detrimental effects on humans . An example of a mushroom that can have fatal effects on humans who ingest it are death cap mushrooms These mushrooms are especially dangerous because they often resemble other types of edible and harmless mushrooms (Death caps , 10

Some fungi can cause skin growths in humans . One severe case is documented in Moore 's article Tree man `who grew roots ' may be cured . Dede , the tree man of Indonesia had a compromised immune system Fungi attacked his body and created warts all over his skin which gave him the appearance of having roots and bark . More common fungal skin growths , however , are seen in toenail fungi or athlete 's foot . The problem with such growths is in the fact that fungi resemble human cells and medication that would prove harmful to these organisms would also often be harmful to human cells (Horowitz , 92

Human activities have also had effects on fungi . Because these organisms are not able to produce their own food , human activities such as agriculture , food production , and the like have allowed for the propagation of many types of fungi . Conditions of moisture present in certain buildings have , for example , allowed the growth of molds . It is also true , however , that continued urban developments have wiped out or altered many areas that were once homes to...

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