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Biodiversity Museum Exhibit Presentation

Deforestation removal of large trees and shrubs pavements become biological deserts Urbanization Creates large demand for food and energy Emission of pollution Agriculture removal of native fauna and flora removal of nutrients from soil leading to erosion URBANIZATION OF CAPE COD Destruction of Cedar Bog Ecosystem DEFORESTED CAPE COD COAST Deforestation in the Cape leading to sand dunes Shifting of dunes and changing of coastline Invasion of exotic flora and fauna (such as alligator weed , threatening the existence of native life Replanting of grass on

the beach in an effort to reverse the effects of deforestation AGRICULTURE Removes native plants Removes native fauna that lives on these plants Contributes to soil erosion through Introduces exotic plants and fauna that may be harmful to native plants DEFORESTATION EFFECTS OF DEFORESTATION Rainforests carry 50 of all earth 's wildlife 480 species of trees in each hectare Interdependence characterizes rainforests Predator-prey relationships Symbiotic relationships Brazilian nut trees and Euglossine orchid bees (shown here Brazilian nut trees and agouti ZEBRA MUSSEL Originated in the Caspian Sea Taken to Lake St . Clair (Michigan Disrupts food chains and ecological balance Cause drainage problems Each mussel lays 40 ,000 eggs per day 60 ,000 mussels in every square meter Removal virtually impossible OVEREXPLOITATION EURASIAN WATER MILFOIL Introduced in USA between 1800 and 1940 's Considered worst aquatic weed Absorbs nutrients meant for other aquatic life Prompts introduction of Milfoil weevil , which may also have serious implications for biodiversity References Arnold , E (2003 . Endangered wolves make a comeback ' National Public Radio . Retrieved on August 25 from http /www .npr .org /templates /story /story .php ?storyId 1682559 Butler , R (2007 . Deforestation in the Amazon ' Tropical Rainforests . Mongabay .com . Retrieved on August 25 , 2007 from http /www .mongabay .com /brazil .html Creed Jr , R .

. 1998 . A biogeographic perspective on Eurasian watermilfoil declines : Additional evidence for the role of herbivorous weevils in promoting declines ? Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 36 : 16-22 Kelsey , S (1997 . Chemical characteristics of surface and groundwater in three Cape Cod Atlantic White Cedar Swamps with varying disturbance histories ' Dickinson College Dept . of Biology . Retrieved on August 26 , 2007 from http /courses .mbl .edu /SES /data /project /1997 /kelsey .pdf Hall , W . R (2005 . Invasive species ' Sea Grant . University of Delaware . Retrieved on August 25 , 2007 from www .ocean .udel .edu /seagrant /outreach /presentations /EXOTICS 20Aug05 .ppt Holsinger , K (2007 . The causes of extinction ' Patterns of biological extinction . University of ' Connecticut . Retrieved on August 25 , 2007 from http /darwin .eeb .uconn .edu /eeb310 /lecture-notes /extinctions /node3 .html University of Duesseldorf . Fragrance biology of orchid bees ' Department of Zoology . Retrieved on August 25 from http /www .uni-duesseldorf .de /MathNat /Zoologie /eltz /euglossine .htm Default Design...

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