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Bio on pastry chef Chef Jacques Torres

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Culinary artistry goes beyond the ordinary art forms . Unlike painting literature , and the performing arts , culinary arts offer more than just the usual ocular , intellectual , or auditory experience . The culinary arts combine all of the aspects of all the art forms that we know of - a culinary masterpiece , unlike any other masterpiece in any art field should offer a multi-disciplinary experience as well as the two other remaining sensations of taste and smell . A culinary obra maestra has

to complete the experience by offering visual appeal , the application of the concepts of food preparation , as well as the ultimate experience for the palate . Chef Jacques Torres has undoubtedly mastered the art of food preparation and more

Our likely chef was already a master in the kitchen at the tender age of 15 . He spent most of his childhood in Bandol , in the south of France and was an apprentice in a relatively small pastry shop called La Frangipane . His two years being an apprentice was sheer pleasure for this young chef , and as a testament to this passion for cooking , he graduated at the top his apprenticeship class . Chef Torres went to attend high school and spent a year in the military these however , did not dampen his passion for the culinary arts . Upon leaving the military he pursued his love for cooking and polished his culinary skills at the La Cadiire d 'Azur where he...

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