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Biggest influence in my life

Everyone has someone that touches their lives and greatly influences it . Even though through the years I have had several people that warmed my heart , I think that my mother had the biggest impact on my life Through my mother I learned the importance of making sound choices , to never quit in life but meet responsibilities , to forgive other people and the importance of education

My mother began her loving duties as a mother by taking care of herself during her pregnancy with me . Most mothers take care of their bodies during

pregnancy , but my mother took care of herself and me really well I learned from her pregnancy that even though sometimes we crave things in life , we have to look beyond ourselves . Is a choice to give into a impulse going to be for the betterment of my life later ? What type of impact will my choices have on others around me ? I think about those questions when I am faced with a decision or want to give into a desire that is not necessarily the best long term choice for me

Another important quality that my mother taught me was to never quit My mother never had a sick day in her life . She was always busy taking caring of the family , cooking meals , doing housework , helping with homework and whatever needed to be done . I am sure that there were days that my mother would have liked to call out sick from parenting so that she could rest in bed and recover more quickly . Yet , my mother showed me how important it is to meet responsibilities regardless of how I am feeling on a particular day . There were countless times that my mother would stay up later then the rest of the family to finish folding the clothes or wash the last dish left in the sink . I even remember the times that I would go to bed while my mother stayed up cooking cupcakes for my school class party the next day . She always took pride in everything that she did

I think that one of the most valuable gifts that my mother gave to me was the ability to forgive other people . Through the years , there were numerous times that I made mistakes that resulted in hurting or disappointing my mother . Yet , my mother never lashed out at me in anger or frustration . She would not even require an apology or acknowledgement of the situation . If I wanted to talk about it , my mother would listen and encourage me to learn from the incident . A warm hug was always there for me no matter how much pain I had caused her . I cannot remember a single time that my mother would discuss past problems . She would forgive and let go of situations . My mother 's motto was that each day was a new day . She would appropriately discipline me and I would suffer the natural consequences of my actions I learned that I had...

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