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Big Two-Hearted River

March 20 , 2007 Big Two-Hearted River

Research Big Two-Hearted River What do we know about Ernest Hemingway 's story , Big Two-Hearted River ' and what do different reviewers have to say about the story

Many of the reviewers felt that the story links the author , Ernest Hemingway to his main character , Nick Adams when the author uses words such as up ' to associate a good mood and down ' to refer to feelings of depression . One can easily look into the depths of Ernest Hemingway 's writing and discover pieces of his own personality , both

br good and bad

What can we learn about Ernest Hemingway as we read about the fictional character Nick Adams (Gibbs , 1975 ) Robert Gibbs tells us that He made him up

Big , Two-Hearted River ' begins with a train dropping off Nick Adams near the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . We can easily visualize Hemingway riding on the train on his way to the Upper Peninsula . What follows , we find is a straightforward narrative of one of his days camping alone near the river , thinking about Nick Adams Must we rationalize that Hemingway , much like Nick Adams , spent many of his own days alone by the river ? That is the impression that the story leaves . It is easy to imagine Hemingway sitting by the river in Michigan

Why is Nick intrigued by the river , which he uses to provide food for himself and much more ? I understood that he finds healing through the river

We are told in the story , Big Two-Hearted River that Much like Hemingway , himself , Nick Adams finds himself continually haunted with frightening flashbacks to his past suffering and grief . As he alludes to in other stories , Nick turns to fishing (especially fishing with grasshoppers ) to release his mind from the terrible pressure of his life . As he makes coffee , for instance , he is reminded of his old fishing buddy and oil tycoon , Hopkins , who Hemingway suggests took his own life a few months before , after receiving a disturbing telegram perhaps about his lover . Other disturbing flashbacks in Big Two-Hearted River ' include a tragic execution scene where the man waiting to be hanged loses control of his bladder

Throughout Big Two-Hearted River ' as Nick constructs his tent , fishes in the nearby river and cooks his catch Hemingway describes his mood in two ways-up and down . If he stands up or climbs up a hill (on his way to build his tent , for example , he is in good spirits but if he sits down (as he thinks about Hopkins , his friend who committed suicide , for instance ) or descends , his mood is falling . Thus Nick 's mood follows his actions-form follows content

We are able to gather much information from this book concerning the story , Big Two-Hearted River ' as we learn about Hemingway 's own mood swings , from low extremes , to high . The author is able to display his own feelings in this story and perhaps he was able to obtain therapy from his own...

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