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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy is known to be a cataclysmic in the industrial world , an incident occurring at the Union Carbide plant located in Bhopal , India (Bhargava 1 . The complex reverberations of such a prevalent disaster continued to send quivers through a company , an industry , political and bureaucratic leadership of a nation , and the lawful and policy instruments by which two countries India and the United States had previously sought to reimburse the victims of the tragedy (Jasanoff 1 . This disaster had collosal consequences for India 's populace and

has come to be known as the Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry . This presents detail incident of Bhopal gas tragedy , intense impact on victims suffered from a dreaded industrial disaster and analysis of major issues involved in tragedy

Bhopal gas tragedy is a disaster of its own kind . On Sunday , December 3 , 1984 . the storage tank 610 located at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal started leaking gas from methyl isocyanate in huge amounts According to the reliable sources , unskilled workers cleaned the outside of one of the storage tanks holding the lethal chemical before the occurrence of accident (Bhargava 2 . Gas leakage spread speedily and killed thousands of people which were bounded by fatal poison vapors when they were sleeping . More than 8 ,000 people were killed in its immediate wake

Statistical data shows that the excess of 20 ,000 and the death toll is still rising , with over 30 survivors losing their life every month (Sarang , pg : 47 . Many experts have worked on exploring and understand the root causes and identifies that the scientific cause behind this accident at Bhopal is that water went into the tank where about 40 cubic meters of MIC was accumulated . A lot of heat was generated due to an exothermic chemical reaction after mixing water and MIC . It resulted in burst of the safety valve of the tank due to the increase in pressure . This burst was so powerful that it broke the coating of concrete around the tank . On that critical day , the condition was typical for a clear night in the region , with a feeble wind which regularly changed direction and the gas covered more area in a shorter period of time . The gas was not diluting at fast rate due to the weak wind and the weak vertical turmoil and this was the main reason for spreading the poisonous gas over sizeable distances (Ungarala Pratima , 1998 . According to Bogard , this incidence is termed as a tragedy because intention and agency were concerned in how the event outspread and someone or some group are ultimately responsible for the incident to happen

When the gas disaster actually took place , multinational corporations were charged as reckless and co-conspirators with postcolonial governments (Basu 3 . According to one approximation , over 300 ,000 people affected from gas disaster still suffering from breathlessness impaired vision , fatigue , body aches , loss of appetite , depression , and anxiety (The Bhopal Disaster . The government was not very active and...

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