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Behavior Management Plan for High School

In this study , the development of the said factor of institutional progress is further presented in assisting students in becoming the best individuals they could be through becoming behaviorally assured of themselves


Human morality is indeed a loosing virtue at present . It could be noted that because of the many influences that the media and the society itself impose on the minds of the young population , it is disturbing that young learners are loosing their grip of the moral values that they are supposed to receive from their studies in

school . True , the modern society became less caring on the part of teaching the young generation of the morals that they actually need to know simply because of the fact that these moral values are the ones that would particularly assist them in becoming the right kind of people that they really ought to be

This is particularly the reason why it has been made possible by educational enthusiasts as well as the educational authorities to incite moral studies within the curriculum of young learners in school . They do believe that this particular way of dealing with the problem shall be an effective process of making the young ones realize of their moral responsibilities towards themselves and the society as well (Johnson 2002 , 19 . To be able to do so , the creation of several programs with regards the said aim towards educational progress and moral implication among young ones becomes among the focus of the said systems of education

According to Cornwall , Character ' is a term that is primarily used to assist humans in becoming the best individuals that they ought to be . It is has been noted to by the same author that the philosophies governing character ' are particularly related to the abilities of humans to become the...

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