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Beauty Therapy

1 . As each and every one of us is different , so too is our skin . The various combinations are

normal , dry , oily , combination , and sensitive and aged skin . In normal skin , the oil glands produce moderate sebum , whereas dry skin is caused by under or inactive glands that do not produce enough sebum to keep the skin naturally lubricated . Oily skin is due to too much sebum , resulting in skin that has a greasy texture and appears shiny . Combination skin is the most common as most people have dry parts oily parts known

as the T-Zone . The sensitive skin is felt to be more of a skin condition rather than a skin type as it refers to the delicacy of the skin rather than its type as it is a reaction to certain cosmetics and other matierals (Facial Skin Types , 2003-2008

2 . When treating skin it is very important to analyse what the skin type is beforehand . In

determining the best course of action to take , clinical research has shown that genetics , hair color , eye color , ethnicity and true skin color all play into the skin 's response to injury , including some treatments such as dermabrasion and microdermabrasion , laser resurfacing and chemical peels . The aesthetician is able to determine which clients may have a greater or lesser risk of complications , including scars or pigmentation problems from treatments by typing their skin (Hill , 2007 ) 3 . Along with skin types , there are a few divisions and subdivisions that can affect the skin

acne , psoriasis , eczema , and rosacea . All of which can be partially treated but care has to be taken when using cosmetics and facial creams

4 . DSHAPES (D Vitamin D (S Secretion (P Protection (S Storage (E

Excretion (H Heat

5 . Skin conditions like , acne and rosacea are very different from each other . Acne is caused

by an inflammation of the skin resulting in eruptions on the surface i .e . whiteheads , blackheads , pimples , even cysts . The acne is classified in three categories comedonal , inflammatory and nodulocystic . Acne vulgaris has three factors in common , too much facial oil , hormones and bacteria . Poor hygiene is not the cause of acne (Luxuries , 2003-2008

The skin condition , rosacea is caused by varying degrees of redness due to enlargement and dilation of blood vessels beneath the skins surface (Rosacea Care - Symptoms and Treatment , 2003-2008 . Unlike acne vulgaris , the skin does not erupt when suffering from rosacea

6 . The shedding of the outer layer of skin , known as desquamation has its benefits , like

exfloiation it rids the skin of flaky , old skin , making way for fresh new cells to make new skin . Certain treatments can accelerate this process , a chemical peel is one of them

7 . Facial steaming is an excellent method of caring for your skin . As it only involves

placing your face into the steam from water , there is the added bonus of it being natural . Opening and cleansing the pores , skin will feel softer and cleaner with less visible pores

8 . Collagen and elastin...

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