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`Beauty` by Susan Sontag

Beauty ' by Susan Sontag

People patronize beautiful works of art , movies , songs , celebrities sceneries , etc . Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships ' Beauty has its powers that draw people to everything that is beautiful . I think what Sontag failed to point out was that through beauty 's ability to influence people , it may be used to save the world Her argument about beauty only falls on the context of what we know beauty in the arts and nature . I just would like to contribute my ideas about beauty

and what meaningful things it can do for the world . If people can only see the beauty in helping others , sharing wealth and blessings , being compassionate and empathetic , respecting humanity and all forms of life that roam the earth , it could save the world from self-destruction . Beauty can end all wars . Beauty can end poverty Beauty can end hate . People need to get in touch with the beauty of love and life in to foster a world of peace , happiness , and prosperity

Beauty begins with the self . People must be able to cultivate a beautiful mind , body , and soul by focusing on the good things in life being a productive citizen as part of a larger community , forgiving and forgetting , and even just by simply smiling . Having a beautiful body means being fit and healthy , eating good food , drinking the right beverages . Moreover , being beautiful does not only mean wearing flashy clothes , putting on make-up , owning designer bags and shoes , or going to the salon everyday . Being beautiful means being a good person who is full of love and compassion for oneself , other people , and the world

Even in the simple things in life , there is beauty that needs to be fostered by each and everyone . If people only took the time to look at how beautiful the world can be if we just take a big leap and change within ourselves by nurturing beauty inside and out , then we are on our way to keeping the world a beautiful place to live in . The world as we see now , with people fighting over money power , people suffering from poverty , people hating other people , people killing other people . There is so much beauty can do , and we should be able to use the power influence , and beauty to change the world into something that is desirably beautiful and peaceful...

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