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Paper Topic:

Beauty Industry Ethics

Running Head : Beauty Industry Ethics

Importance of Beauty Industry and Ethical Issues







Cosmetic improvements can make people feel better about themselves but can also make others that cannot afford or obtain such services feel worse . However , the debate as been raging as to whether or not the billion dollar beauty industry is worthwhile in the modern society . The beauty industry is very diverse and has multiple players . Players involved in this diverse industry include the dealers in the beauty products

, the cosmetics , services for improving appearance like exercise machines , nutritional beauty products and above all the end users of all these products (Simms , 1998 . Considering the rate at which the beauty industry has been growing , it would be important to analyze whether it impacts the current society positive or not . My analysis will examine the importance of the industry to the players and the society in general . In addition I will look at the various ethical concerns presented by the beauty industry and how possibly they should be solved in order to have the industry continue benefiting the society

The highest number of consumers of the beauty products in the current world and in deed over the centuries is undoubtedly women . Women generally adopt the idea of self-grooming at a very tender age (Gillespie , 1996 . Unlike men , women have a natural interest in their looks and physical presentation and in most cultures they believe that good looks and physical attraction is expected of them...

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