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The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks

Conventional Elements of Literature

Poem Analysis : The Bean Eaters





Gwendolyn Brooks : The Bean Eaters

The poem The Bean Eaters has been written in 1960 by outstanding black poet Gwendolyn Brooks

Analysis of The Bean Eaters

The poem consists of three stanzas with each four lines . The poem is written in plain language . There are no dialogues and it is written in the third person , the narrator tells a descriptive story about two present characters at dinner time

The `theme

, `symbolism ' and `setting ' are the most important elements of literature used in this poem . The theme says something about the message of the poem . The symbols represent the idea , the writer wants to show . The setting tells us the location , the daily live of the characters

These elements can be found in the words used to describe the characters eating their dinner . This old yellow pair ' means that the characters are an elderly couple . The couple is eating beans for dinner They eat beans mostly . This dinner is nothing special because dinner is a casual affair ' and they use plain chipware ' and tin flatware . These words indicate that the couple is not rich or wealthy but plain and simple . Apparently , this couple , who have lived their day , is having a daily routine of putting on their clothes ' and putting things away . But instead of giving in , they keep on living and remembering ' a rich life full of beads and receipts and dolls and cloths...

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