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Battle of TalAfar/ Operation Restoring Rights

Running Head : Battle of Tal Afar

Battle of Tal Afar

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Battle of Tal Afar

Carl Clausewitz , a famous Prussian soldier known for his military theories and history , once said , War has its own grammar but not its own logic ' emphasizing that war and military are a form of art rather than an agenda of science with defined answers . Military studies act as a tool which is used in predicting future events and the effective means of developing sustainable doctrines and strategies , in the most

br productive and effective manner . They help one analyze the geography of the land , studying its society , its economy , as well as its politics so that such actions could be taken which would be most effective and efficient in results

Similar is the study of the Battle of Tal Afar , when the Us Army invaded this militant area of Iraq , after apt strategic planning removing the insurgents from the very roots . The United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 did not result in an immediate success Although the invading armies faced minimal resistance and Baghdad fell into their hands sooner than expected , inspopping after some brief respite . The Shiite insstarted a year after the invasion while the Sunnis were already resisting the onslaught of invading forces during the first phase of war . Their resistance quadrupled after the actual invasion

Kurds and Shiites were earlier supportive of the US-led forces as both ethnic groups were...

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