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Battle of Gettysburg


The Battle of Gettysburg




Date The Battle of Gettysburg occurred in the period between July 1st and 3rd July , 1863 in the town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania , it was part of the American Civil War that occurred in the U .S .A . In this war the 97 ,000 men of the Union army of the Potomac under General George Meade had defeated attacks of more than 75 ,000 men of the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert Lee in

ending his invasion of the North This war led to many deaths in the history of the American Civil War HYPERLINK "http /www .americancivilwar .com /getty .html http /www .americancivilwar .com /getty .html


After the battle of Chancellorsville , the confederate victory troops under General Robert E . Lee troops which were about 75 ,000 in numbers made attempts to invade the North States in America . The chancellorville battle took place in the period between 30th April to 6th May 1863 Robert E . Lee had earlier attempted to invade together with his army the Northern states for example , the 1862 Maryland campaign in which his attempts were futile

Lee had lead his army to invade the northern states hoping to influence the political leaders in the North to give up in their prosecution of the war attempts . He intended to take his mission to Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Philadelphia so as to enhance growth of strength of the peace movement in the North (Graig and Symonds , 2001

The Lee 's army hoped to be more efficient in their commands . To achieve this the army was to be divided into different groups each commanded by Generals . The U .S president at that time , Abraham Lincoln had appointed General George Meade to lead the army after the defeat of Major General Hooker in the chancellorsville battle . Robert Lee Army had defeated Federal garrisons in Winchester and Martinsburg . The Army of Northern Virginia was directed by Robert Lee to reduce any activities that could affect civilians in a negative way . The town of Gettysburg was seized and taken in June 26 , 1863 by Ewell 's Corps . Lee army was able to occupy areas from Chambersburg (28 miles N .W . of Gettysburg Carlisle (30 miles ) North of Gettysburg and areas in Harrisburg and Wrightsville on the River Susquehanna

The army on Northern Virginia was concentrated in Cashtown (13 km west of Gettysburg after the army of Protomac had crossed protomac river in June 29 . Brig . Gen Johnston Pettigrew moved toward Gettysburg on June 30 , here they encountered Gen . John Buford Union Calvary in the south . Pettigrew moved back to cashtown and informed Generals Hill and Heith of the union Cavalry . General Hill mounted reconnaissance in his force the following day . This was intended to gauge size and strength of the enemy army in Hills front

First day

This was 1st July , 1863 when the union Cavalry force under Brig . Gen John Buford opted to use the three...

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