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Battle of Fallujah

The streets could also be unforgiving to a US soldier who may be caught in the crossfire as it would be very difficult to give assistance and support to each other

There were two types of insurgents the US Marine had to contend with a ) the Guerillas and b ) the Martyrs either of which could be very dangerous enemies . The Guerillas ' employed the guerilla warfare tactic whose purpose was to kill many US soldiers as quickly as possible and then to withdraw as soon as damage has been inflicted . They will usually

position themselves in a terrain where they have superiority in terms of position and manpower . They will evade as soon as the contact is made . On the other hand , the Martys whose purpose is to kill as many soldiers as possible before they are killed were not afraid of death They are willing to engage the alliance of US and Iraq soldiers in a face to face encounter

Both these enemies employ the same weapons consisting mainly of arms grenades and rock propelled grenades . They also utilized the same tactics against our soldiers as they have dug holes under houses churches and hospitals which they used either as means for egress and ingress , to transfer weapons and to hide . They shoot from almost anywhere e .g . either from rooftops , windows or concealed holes

Tactical Situation

In Fallujah , the US soldiers were in a territory which is very unfamiliar . Special tactics must therefore be employed to ensure the success of the mission . It must be stressed however that the success of the mission is measured not only in terms of the accomplishment of the mission . The mission is a success if there is the least number of casualty or injuries on the part of the US marines and soldiers...

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