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Basic Marketing

1 . Which of the following best illustrates a `breakthrough opportunity ?`

A recording company 's new CD gets unexpected national publicity on MTV and almost every teenager wants a copy for Christmas

A drug company develops a patented pill that people can take once a year and safely avoid catching a cold

A bank puts its credit card machines in convenient drive-up locations--so they will be more convenient for customers

A nurse realizes that the growing number of older people will increase the demand for nursing home services , so she quits her

job and opens a quality nursing center for the elderly

A wireless phone company introduces a new service that offers more free weekend minutes that any other service in its market area


Breakthrough opportunities - opportunities that help innovators develop hard-to-copy marketing strategies that will be very profitable for a long time . That 's important because there are always imitators who want to share ' the innovator 's profits - if they can . It 's hard to continuously provide superior value to target customers if competitors can easily copy your marketing mix (Chapter Three Focusing ,

. 62

2 . Which of the following BEST illustrates a multinational corporation

Faced with decreasing sales in its domestic market , CrocDun , Ltd . of Australia is trying to sell its swollen inventory of hunting knives at `special prices` in the United States

A large U .S . chain is importing products from China

To be more competitive in the European market , U .S . firms are buying or...

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