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Communication manifests as the linking factor for all of the involved individuals promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization processes and operations enabling them to address all of the significant issues and create the most suitable decision and judgment for the solution . In applying the communication aspect , six basic principles governed the communication process to achieve the effectiveness of its result . First among these principles is that people 's emotion drives their major decisions thus , establishing an emotional bond with the audience can significantly improve the success of

the communication . This can be apply through incorporating several emotional statements and scenarios in the communication approach which the audience can relate with . Second is that emotion is a significant moving factor for the people thus , this principles can be use for motivating the audience . Third , is the visual affects the audience greater than the auditory approach thus , to enhance the effectiveness of a communication approach , visual aids and gestures are important Fourth , fear is an influential emotion thus , the communication approach can work this concept into its advantage . In dealing with the audience it is important to recognize their fears and address them effectively Fifth , passion defeats intellect thus , speakers are more effective and motivating if they become passionate rather than manifesting only intellect . Lastly , mutual trust and emotional affinity can significantly overcome one 's shortfalls thus , the speaker must emphasize the establishment of a direct relationship or a mutual understanding between him or her and the audience . All of these elements are important and must be incorporated in the process of communicating certain concepts and ideas from the speaker to the audience effectively transferring knowledge and information through all of the individuals in an organization...

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