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BUS499 :: BSBA Integrative Project

Running header : McDonalds


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Mc Donald has positioned itself as one of the leading fast food restaurant that offer best valued product to the customer with exceptional customer experience . The restaurant has aimed to build long term relationships with the customers so that the brand loyalty level increases and customers are not only satisfied but they are highly delighted with the experience . The company is aware of the fact that the aims and objectives of the company can only be achieved

if the customers are highly satisfied with the company , hence the company need to focus on integration at a higher level so that the internal and external environment of the company work together and every stakeholder including the customer can help the company to achieve its ultimate goal of bringing smiles in the face of every customer (Brand , 2006

The integration in the causal chains and strategy is to important to make the stakeholder aware and to rightly place the company 's situation aim and ultimate goal in the perception of every stakeholder so that they can expect the right thing from the company and the company 's strive from all aspects including financial , customer satisfaction business processes and learning and growth are fully justified (Green 2003


McDonald 's vision is to be the world 's best quick service restaurant experience . Being the best means providing outstanding quality , service cleanliness , and value , so that we make every customer in every restaurant...

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