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First appearing in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair , Barbie has since become the best selling doll in the world . Barbie has become so popular , that several controversies have come up about her , the most recurrent being whether or not Barbie serves as a good role model for little girls . This aims to provide argumentative elements based on facts and reason that support the idea that Barbie is indeed a good role model for little girls

The argument that I wish to make is that

Barbie 's biography is indicative of values that women hold dear and that mothers wish of their little girls when they grow up

Barbie 's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts . She was born a healthy baby girl to George and Margaret Roberts of Willows , Wisconsin . Barbie attended Willows High School in Willows , Wisconsin and Manhattan International High School in New York City . Barbie 's senior year in high school introduced her to Ken Carson , who would later be her boyfriend Barbie has had over forty pets including cats and dogs , horses , a panda a lion cub , and a zebra . She has owned pink convertibles , trailers jeeps and more . She also holds a pilot 's license , and operates commercial airliners in addition to serving as a flight attendant . She has been , among many others , a veterinarian , an astronaut and a diplomat . Barbie has a lot of friends including Hispanic Teresa , African American Christie and Steven (Christie 's boyfriend (Lord 2

Liberalism has been a positive value to America which has shaped the improvement of many sectors in society . Women in particular have forwarded the feminist movement successfully from the 60s through the 70s , lobbying for equality in treatment and dignity

Barbie 's plethora of abilities indicates the woman 's ability to take on any task given to her and do well in it . Her ability to drive convertibles and trucks and planes alike signifies that women need not bend over to masculine predominance and can actually do things that men used to do for them on their own . Even Barbie 's relationship with Ken riddled with breakups and reconciliations as it was , showed a Barbie that was not dependent on a man . This is the very core of the feminist movement that every little girl should be aware of . Little girls who are avid fans of Barbie run the easy possibility of being exposed to these lofty ideas of gender equality very early on in their lives . It could lead them to assert themselves in class , gather courage to participate in school activities and sporting events and have strength to fight against anyone that might want to take advantage of her

Animal rights have been a long standing issue in society . The welfare of house pets and the survival of endangered species are of primary concern to humankind . Towards the goals of animal rights movements , Barbie promotes kindness in the pets that she has had . Her many...

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