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B300 TMA01



Due Date

Analyzing Development and Change in the

Media Industries

Question 1 : Explain how you could use analysis to illustrate the situation faced by BCC in 2001 . Use diagrams in your answer

Every good analyst or researcher must grasp the importance of using various analytical tools as well as visual aids to comprehend various dilemmas faced by companies . In the case of BBC we must use various analytic tools to provide an overview of the situation being faced by BBC in 2001

Holistically , we must examine

all changes and aspects of BBC in 1999 and 200 . The below visual aid , Diagram A , is a representation of some financial highlights . This aid is a creation from data provided in the case study , and uses a pivot table in excel to illustration the percentage changes per financial highlight . The chart below this diagram reflects the actual numerical change and percentage change be they negative or positive . You can see that operating profits have dropped considerably from 1999 to 2000 a full 25 . For a company like BBC this is a huge loss . In addition , turnover has increased both worldwide as well as on a group level . Via this statistical analysis , it can be verified that the company is suffering from employee disgruntlement and decrease in ratings

In terms of using analysis to determine a solution , the company needs also to provide a break-even analysis and sensitivity analysis to determine at which point the company is making an adequate profit margin as well as a range of probabilities that a decision or alternative decision is acceptable (Case Study , BBC

Diagram A : Pivot Table being used to compare the financial highlights of BBC Worldwide between 1999 and 2000

Financial Highlight Data Group turnover

Sum of 2000 464 10

Sum of 1999 420

Headline BBC Cash Flow

Sum of 2000 82 1

Sum of 1999 81

Operating profit

Sum of 2000 9 -25

Sum of 1999 12

Operating profit on core business

Sum of 2000 31 7

Sum of 1999 29

Profit before interest and taxation

Sum of 2000 9 -55

Sum of 1999 20

Sustainable BBC Cash Flow

Sum of 2000 73 18

Sum of 1999 62


Sum of 2000 514 15

Sum of 1999 446

br Diagram B : Report derived from pivot table

Question 2 : The following are potentially areas of conflict for the BBC

A . Producing its own programmes

B . Competing for ratings with other television channels

C . Being a global provider

Explain why

Initially we shall look at why producing it own programmes might be a source of conflict for BBC . BBC has over time and experience developed into one of the world 's leading broadcasters and programme makers Renowned for its emphasis on high quality , accuracy of reporting stories , and neutrality BBC must recognize that this must be upheld as it produces its own programmes . In all fairness , BBC has the responsibility of pursuing all stories without regard to who or what is paying it . Revenue that is...

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