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B. Wordsworth (short story)

B . Wordsworth ' is the creation of V .S . Naipaul about the story of a boy and a man who felt like being a poet but , unfortunately , could never be one . As one of the most widely read and perhaps interpreted of Caribbean descent , V .S . Naipaul presents a poetic view of the challenges of being part of Caribbean society during that time . It reflects the impact that a foreign culture and a foreign language had upon the natives . Yet , it does not condemn this fact but rather embraces it in an unfamiliar way p

The main character , B . Wordsworth , is a tramp , a vagabond who resides in a very simple one room hut that is surrounded by weeds , trees and bushes that are overgrown . He not only lives a life of modesty and simplicity but he also has an unusual appreciation for nature . This is shown by his comments on the stars and during the time when he shows the young boy the different trees . The thing that made him different however , was the fact that while he was a man of simple means he spoke English in a peculiar , unnatural manner . It is this fact which draws the attention of the young boy and invites the scorn of his mother

A critical analysis of the circumstances and the events that transpire in the story will reveal that there is an internal struggle that the characters have to face . The misplaced English that the boy speaks as compared to the...

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