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Avoiding Junk Food

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26 March 2008

Avoid Eating Junk Food

Smoking is the biggest problem of the US among its population . It has become the root of many deaths and countless problems . However according to the Organic Consumers Association , Obesity is crawling fast on these ranks , and the greatest contributor to this predicament is the consumption of junk food

Eating junk food is bad for our health . Although there is a growing campaign to observe a healthy eating habit , it is not always about the

calories one takes note of from the nutrition facts behind every packet Healthy eating does not only include the nutritional values , however from these food . It is also important for one to note every ingredient taken into these food . Every bag of chips or burger meals we sink our teeth into contains preservatives or additives , which could be relatively be harmful for the body

Is it science ? Is it the answer to poverty and world hunger ? Is it business ? Regardless of the objectives of these booming companies to produce so much , the fact remains that junk food have negative effects on the body . This have been supported by documentary films like Super Size Me . Many continue to campaign for a healthier diet for every American , and they have raised different ways to counter the rise of junk food consumption . There remains , however , a question for you to ponder on : are you willing to put the burger down to raise a carrot stick

Everyone should avoid eating junk food because there are ill effects on the body . Website Diet Policy noted some of these effects : lack of energy , poor concentration , heart diseases and high cholesterol . Junk foods lead to a person 's lack of energy because these don 't comprise of the essential nutrients one needs to have in every meal . People suffer from poor concentration because these junk foods usually contain oils These oils are equated to fat . With more fat , the blood circulation decreases . The amount of oxygen and nutrients were not distributed well throughout the body , causing a drowsy feeling

This , in turn , leads to heart diseases and high cholesterol . With thickened blood due to the fats in the system , the heart exerts the extra effort to pump more so that each part of the body received the necessary supplements . Junk foods also greatly contribute to high cholesterol . Besides the clogged arteries , in the long run , the liver is likewise damaged . More importantly , as mentioned earlier , it is the leading contributor to obesity , which is the sum of all these ill effects of junk food consumption

These ill effects on the body have been confirmed by the documentary film , Super Size Me . Although the film targeted McDonald 's , since they have been considered as the leading company in the fast food industry the fact that Morgan Spurlock got intensely sick because of one brand implies that other companies of the same industry can have similar effects to the people who...

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