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Paper Topic:

Aviation Environment in Greece (UK or Europe). A case study of Aegean Airlines or an other airliner in UK or Europe

Second , differentiating the variables of situation differentiated by delay in departure and non-delay . Third , differentiating the variables of customers ' personality by

a ) Segments of travel destination : business , holidays , and visiting friends

b ) Age

c ) Passenger class

d ) Sex

e ) Educational level

f ) Occupation

g ) Income per month , and

h ) Previous experiences in flying with the respective airline company

The fourth modification is differentiating the variable of price , namely differentiating the customers by the amount they pay for their tickets discounted , or non-discounted (normal price . The fifth

modification is adding the variable of conformity between service quality and external communication as the variable that influences the level of customer satisfaction

Two variables will be analysed from the service provider side , namely management commitment and employee 's job satisfaction . Management commitment is whether the service provider (airline company ) had already considered the customers ' expectations . Employees ' job satisfaction refers to measuring the personnel 's satisfaction regarding the job as a whole : salary , acquired facilities , colleagues , superiors , and relationship with the customers

Overview of Remaining Chapters

Rest of the study is organized as follows : Chapter Two provides review of related literature . Chapter Three provides the research hypotheses Chapter Four provides research methodology . Chapter Five provides research results and discussions . Chapter Six provides theoretical implications and applications and chapter Seven provides conclusion and recommendations

Chapter Two : Review of Related Literature

Role of Culture in Satisfaction of Customers and Perceived Service Quality

Customers ' evaluations of service quality and their expressions of satisfaction are critical inputs to the development of marketing strategies (Ofir and Simonson 2001 . Customer satisfaction undeniably has come to be an important cornerstone of customer-oriented business practices for firms that operate in diverse industries and global markets (Szymanski and Henard 2001 . Satisfaction ratings are viewed as means to strategic ends , such as repurchase behavior...

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