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Autobiographical Performance

Autobiographical Performance

The decade of 70 's has seen the rise of a new genre of artistic performances (Heddon , 2007 . Shows , in which performers act upon themselves , through performing stories from their lives , have been all over the place . The flourishing of autobiographic performances has begun

Autobiographical performance is a budding interdisciplinary area of academic interaction . Research , writing , and performing in the context of telling something about his /her self , can be of great help in many academic subject areas to enhance cognitive and social learning . Some language arts instructors

and science educators utilize student projects in autobiographical writing and performing as a helpful aid to their teaching techniques (Howard , 2004

Despite of the downright figures and miscellany of performances of 'the self , it has gained much feedback from artists and critics , and most of it is negative (Smith , 1991 . It is commonly criticized as intrinsically , implicitly or essentially narcissistic , solipsistic or egotistical (Kalb , 2000

The dangers in autobiographical art are legion : solipsism that interests an audience of one (Larsen , 1995

This boils down into several assumptions . Actors performing about themselves are misunderstood to be only interested in their own lives Although sometimes we are able to witness artistic performances that impresses us and makes our heart beat faster than normal , it also is inevitable to experience bad performances , irrespective of which genre in art they may belong to . It has nothing to do with the artistic technique , for , all other performance , in all other arts , are susceptible to blunder . These arts are representational and as representations they should not be taken to be in any way real or compared to which is more realistic than any other performance (Gingrich-Philbrook , 1998

In autobiographic performances , two personas are on the stage , the one performing , and the one that is being portrayed by the performance Since they both have a single identity , their limits and boundaries are clearly marked-out by the creative process

Within autobiographical criticism , the perceptive notion that there are two identities , two selves , involved in the performance is long accepted (Howard , 2004 . What may be apparent or revealed in these autobiographical performances , however , is the presence of these two identities , since the gap between one and the other is endeavored to be made visible . While autobiographical literary criticism reads autobiographies as being constituted from two personas , autobiographical performances perform these two `self 's , in a sense containing the criticism within their very form

Autobiographical performance or performances of the 'self ' are extremely well placed , then , to mark - or remark - the multiple , non-unitary constitution of the self , and the notion that the 'self , rather than being immutable , fixed , given , deep , essential - or whatever other adjective is usually tied to it - is in fact always a performance of a self (or selves . This is the self as a performative construct , with that very performativity revealed in autobiographical performances that perform the self . This is the performance of performativity (Heddon 2007

In disparity to the vast comments inflicted upon this subject , in...

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