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The Genetic Make up and Possible Treatment for Autism

Unlike other behavior diss that can be detected between a child 's pre-school up to elementary school years , an autistic child manifests unusual behavior as early as two years old (Heward and Orlansky 211 Heward and Orlansky defined autism as a dis that refers to a set of behavioral characteristics common to many profoundly disturbed children (211 . Moreover , autism is regarded as a pervasive developmental dis (PDD ) by the American Psychiatric Association

(qtd . in Sroufe , et al . 599

Dr . Leo Kanner of Johns Hopkins Hospital is recognized as the first to characterize autism . His study included observation of eleven children between 1938 and 1943 . By 1943 , he was able to describe children with autism as those who have severe speech /language deficits and those who tend to extremely withdraw from any human or social contact (qtd . in Sroufe , et al . 599

Generally , children with autism often manifest six characteristics as outlined by Lovaas and Newsom (308-309 . The first symptom is what they call apparent sensory deficit wherein the child does not respond to any outside stimulation . For example , the child ignores someone who tries to talk to him or the child will not react to a loud noise as if he did not hear anything . Similar to the first symptom , the second symptom is severe affect isolation wherein the child ignores the company of others and affections given to him . The third one is self-stimulation wherein the child repeats stereotyped acts such as spinning objects and humming notes over and over again . The fourth symptom refers to violent or aggressive behavior such as biting himself or damaging home furniture This is called tantrums and self-mutilatory behavior . The fifth symptom is echolalic and psychotic speech . This is manifested when a child either does not speak but rather utter sounds or the child repeats statements he has previously heard . The last symptom refers to behavior deficiencies wherein an autistic child 's behavior is lagging behind as compared to the behavioral growth of normal children . This is seen when for example , an autistic child of five to ten years old manifests the behavior of a one year old

With the more recent researches and studies emerge autism spectrum diss (ASD ) wherein the above definition and symptoms of autism now refers to classic autism . Aside from classic autism , there are four more classifications of ASD . With ASD , symptoms are now varied as to what classification an autistic child falls into . The Asperger Syndrome is referred to as a milder form of autism wherein the child has normal IQ Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome include the apparent sensory deficit and severe affect isolation (as described above . However , children with this syndrome exhibit above-average vocabulary skills . Contrary to this is the childhood disintegrative dis (CDD ) wherein the child has very poor language skills . This is said to be a very rare dis (Volkmar and Rutter . Another classification of ASD is...

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