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Autism Annoted Bibliography

The article discusses the benefits of The Son-Rise Program as an effective tool of dealing with autism children According to official rates , more than 500 ,000 children and adults are affected by autism and related diss in the United Kingdom . The statistic is really terrifying . Autism is claimed to be the third most prevalent developmental dis in the world . The author writes that the program is the only way to recover completely from autism without any trace of my former condition . I think the article is very scientific and informative - the author

wants to increase overall awareness of the problem and to give hope . The article can be used in discussing ways of autism treatment and prevention

Kaufman , Raun . Building a Bridge - Breakthrough Strategies for Reaching out Children . October 2002 . Available at HYPERLINK "http /www .autismtreatmentcenter .org http /www .autismtreatmentcenter .org . What causes autism , and what can be done to help children who are already diagnosed ? These are the core questions addressed by the author . The article analyzes network of specific strategies and techniques which addresses autism . Also the author discusses the main principles and benefits of The Son-Rise Program . It is a child-centered program aimed at reaching children and facilitating their physical and psychological development . I think the article is well-written and well-organized moreover , the author uses logical arguments statistics to defend his position . The article is very useful for autism patients because it provides not only theoretical background of the problems , but also practical recommendation how to live with this disease

Thompson , Dan . Anything is Possible . Available at HYPERLINK "http /www .autismtreatmentcenter .org /contents /reviews_and_articles /anyt hing_is_possible .php http /www .autismtreatmentcenter .org /contents /reviews_and_articles /anyth ing_is_possible .php . The provides personal story of an actress - Helene Wilson , whose son has autism . The shows that everything is possible . Helene says...

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