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English 103

4 June 2010


Marcus Tullius Cicero , The Defense of Injustice

In this piece , the Roman writer Cicero , uses a dialogue between Laulius and Philus to examine not only injustice , as the title implies , but also to show the true meaning of justice . Justice is revealed as being not a law of nature but instead something created and propagated but not always followed by man . Injustice too is the product of man

The ideas of justice and injustice Cicero discusses , from

the individual to the political , still apply today . While civilizations have risen and fallen man seems to have continued this vicious cycle . In some ways it is really no different , except that people now put forth a political conscience about the imbalance of justice while continuing to live in a world that is anything but just . While Laulius 's final statement on the need for universal justice , it seems a naive idea in some ways . Now with the world even bigger and more people who are affected it 's seems even more unlikely

Frederick Douglass , from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave

Douglass 's Narrative is the real-life example of the concept of injustice that Cicero details in his text , that of American slavery This section looks at his life between the time of his arrival in Baltimore from the plantation he 'd been born on to developing of his resolve to runaway . In encountering the Hughs...

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