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Assignment - Film Analysis

Running Head : The American Pie Saga

The American Pie and Sexuality

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The American Pie and Sexuality

The advent of the most recent decade (early 2000 ) was met not only by predictions of the end of the world but perhaps the end of conservatism Indeed , the movie saga - if one could call it so , of the American Pie reflected the apparent decline of the traditional belief in dating , in sex prior to marriage , in deep relationships

, in traditional roles of men and women , and the rise of liberalism . In these movies we are given a preview of the life that the young men and women of today have at the start of adolescence (of puberty ) and early adulthood , years encompassing high school and college

In the first American Pie movie , Jim and his high school friends are one their last year in high school , and are pressured to lose their virginity before the end of the school year . The pressure , however , is self-inflicted : in the movie , nobody is actually ostracizing the adolescent posse regarding their `virgin state the group decides on the matter of losing their virginity at the soonest time possible simply because they could not accept the fact that the social outcast , `The Sherman-ator , appears to have had sex before them . This immature nearly irrational decision - which actually seems to be a poor excuse to add more depth or meaning to the purely sexual movie...

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