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Artist: John Constable

John Constable was born in 1776 and became one of the United Kingdom 's greatest landscape artist

Constable was rather late in entering the art scene , although he showed tremendous talent early in life . Constable , scion of a rich corn merchant , entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1799

He was elected as a full Academician in 1829 , but he has been receiving accolades for during the earlier part of the decade after his work "The Hay Wain " won the gold at the Paris Salon

The Hay Wain was painted in 1821 using

oil on canvas measuring 51 .75 by 73 inches . It was to become one of Constable 's most celebrated painting

Constable developed his own brand after spending some years studying the picturesque custom of landscape and the Gainsborough manner . His approach was a more direct and realistic rendition of scenery , modifying the Ruisdael tradition , along with the 17th century Dutch landscape painters

Constable 's finest works were of Suffolk and Hampstead , where he lived since 1821 . He worked extensively in the outdoors , using oil as his medium

Constable died in 1837 , but he left behind a tradition that earned him the reputation as a giant of British landscape in the early 1800s . His contribution , according to Answers .Com , lay on the fact that he was able to combine a science and art , mixing a scientific approach to the landscapes he sees with a fervor of sentiment and feeling

Constable is most-known for his "six-footers , which were significant in terms of technical achievements , as well as testaments of Constable 's attachment to his subjects . He was the first artist to pull off related sketches

View on the Stout Near Dedham is one of his large Stour River paintings which were exhibited within a six-year time frame starting 1819 . View was painted on 1882 , measuring 51 inches by 74 inches , oil on canvas It was the third picture in the series afther "The White Horse " and "The Hay Wain

After the initial acceptance of the Stour River paintings , Constable went beyond the Stour Valley and started painting Suffolk scenes . He was then to move on to depict scenes in Salisbury , London and brighton One of his works at this time was the " Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows " which depicts the cathedral among thunder clouds with a glint of sunshine and rainbow . This one was painted in 1831 , using oil on canvas and was slightly larger the the View at 59 .75 inches by 74 .75 References

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Pictures of Constable 's works are to be...

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