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Article Review


The Chinese people who migrated to China for want of better opportunities and better lives were far from welcome to make their destination places - like Canada and British Columbia - their new home Researchers and historians alike have provided ample data to account the circumstances and environment that the Chinese people have known and survived , starting from such era of their exodus from China to our present times

Sociologist Gillian Creese , in her article entitled , Exclusion or Solidarity ? Vancouver Workers Confront Oriental Problem , declares that the

Canadians harbored anti-Chinese sentiments from the very beginning and then provides a well-structured background of the influence wielded by unions and business and industry groups on the restriction of the immigration of Asians to Canada at the turn of the 20th century

On the other hand , Professor Timothy Stanley 's article entitled `Chinamen , Wherever We Go : Chinese Nationalism and Guangdong Merchant in British Columbia , 1871-1911 , covers the political activities of the Guangdong merchants in British Columbia and the plight of the immigrants from China who learned to use the racialized categories applied to them by the antagonistic Euro-Canadians for instilling in each of them their sense of community

Both authors have cited details in their respective articles to validate the solidarity and strong sense of nationalism that Chinese people have consistently manifested as their instinctive way to survive in foreign and hostile lands , and in a way , to be true to who they are and what they believe in as Chinese people who bear such a rich cultural heritage that can be traced to very early ages of the history of civilization

In Canada , the local sector groups and unions such as Vancouver Trades and Labour Council and The Industrial Workers of the World Union relentlessly lobbied for rules barring the entry of immigrants into Canada not only to protect the Canadian workers and businessmen from the competition represented by the Chinese people , but also to uphold racial discrimination . Such groups fought for the termination of the working Chinese people from their jobs . With heartless intent to rid their country of the foreigners they so hated , the Canadians equated the jobs vacated by the victimized Chinese workers to opportunities available for their unemployed fellow Canadians

Indeed , in the midst of the unjust treatment that the Chinese people were getting from the entire system and environment that they were in it might have been a wise and tempting move for the Chinese to do their utmost to win acceptance and to mesh well with the Canadians , even if it meant forgetting their roots . However , as the title of Author Stanley 's article aptly says , the Chinese men are Chinamen wherever they go They live out their identity , which is so closely to their country , China - and this applies to all Chinese people , whether home in China or elsewhere in the world

Author Stanley has written that the main component of the Chinese identity was the nationalist ideology . This then establishes...

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