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Article Review

In Embedded Learning Strategy Instruction : Story-Structure Pedagogy in Heterogenous Secondary Literature Classes , Michael Faggela-Luby Jean Schumaker , and Donald Deshler examine the problem of uneven learning structures among literature students . Their previous research found that a majority of secondary education level students were reading below the reading comprehension level appropriate for their age level This was attributed to the inability of teachers to find a structure of teaching reading comprehension and story structure in a method that would both allow LD students to comprehend narrative story structures while still challenging higher

level learning students . They present a number of relevant studies done over the years that have presented different story structure learning models to different focus groups of students to examine the results . However , these results are largely inconclusive because some studies failed to produce graphs that explained their results and others did not separate LD students from other students , therefore failing to examine the experimental structures in terms of these two distinguishable groups . Their research attempted to find a reading comprehension structure that could be applied to all levels of students and be used as a universal tool towards learning comprehension and story structure for students of all learning aptitudes and levels

They conducted a research experiment using 79 students to examine the effectiveness of the embedded-story structure . Some students were limited readers , while some were strong readers . Students taught in their regular classrooms with regular materials and were randomly assigned to one of two groups . One group would...

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