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suel , he read Freud with enthusiasm . In 1925 in Barselona Dali held his first one-man show , where he demonstrated a numeral of seascapes . He he was adopted by the HYPERLINK "http /www .artchive .com /artchive /surrealism .html " Surrealists when wrote his screenplay for Busuel 's Un Chien Andalou . In Paris he met HYPERLINK "http /www .artchive .com /artchive /P /picasso .html " Picasso and Breton , and his involvement from 1929 onwards , his effervescent activity , his flair for getting publicity through scandal and his vivacity which counterbalanced the political difficulties encountered by the group

, made him a particularly welcome addition "Over the next few years Dali devoted himself with passionate intensity to developing his method , which he described as 'paranoiac-critical , a 'spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivation of delirious associations and interpretations . It allowed him to showed his personal passions and fantasies by recognition and carefully style hidden forms within pre-existing ones , either accidentally selected (postcards , beach scenes , photographic enlargements ) or of an accepted artistic canon Such period was the time that he produced works The Lugubrious Game , The Persistence of Memory and Surrealist Objects , Gauges of Instantaneous Memory . The painter try to create an strange world where the erotic and the scatological jostle with a fascination for decay . We could see all these flabby shapes , anamorphoses and double-sided figures is a world that is reflected in his other works of this period , including his symbolic matters and poems (La Femme visible , 1930 L 'Amour et la mymoire , 1931 ) as well as the screenplay for L 'Age d 'Or (1930

Dali works are very strange and non-understanding . Now we try discuss one of his hardest work - The Vision of Eternity . This piece connecting with space and reality . In his work s fundamentally different action of space is found . Dali had studied and mastered the practices used to make traditional physical space and forms . However , like many of the early Surrealists , this composition offered him a means to question rational ideas of realism . As a result , his paintings offer yet another example of how the concept of space was being re-considered and explored by twentieth century artists . What is perhaps most striking when we compare The Vision of Eternity ' Dali with other twentieth century artists is how his work shows that the move toward breakdown was not restricted to abstract paintings . Often narrative and intangible ideas go with the spatial ideas and all of these qualities inclined the art of the century that followed , often in delicate and direct ways . Dali has already discover the disintegration of objects , as the watch under the surreal sky . But the space itself is classical , only the watch is undergoing a distorting influence . The structural underpinnings of matter are revealed in a manner that is reminiscent of X-ray crystallography and the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics , which is intimately related to the nature of space itself in its post-Newtonian conceptualization

Perhaps the most well-known theme of Dali 's art which we...

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