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Army Leadership and Core Competencies

Running Head : Army

Army Leadership and Core Competencies Army Leadership and Core Competencies

FM 6-22 Army Leadership-Appendix A , mainly involves a series of training courses on Army Leadership . The words Army and Leadership go hand in hand . One cannot exist or sustain without the other . FM 6-22 is the Army 's keystone manual on leadership . Each member of the Army has specific responsibilities which one needs to carry out efficiently and as per the s of the Commanding Officer . A good Army Officer remains calm under hostile conditions and the worst situations

can do him mentally no harm

The demands from the military personnel today are not to shoot and destroy . They are management leaders , versatile in all aspects of confrontation and conciliation . In a war , there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies . There are only permanent interests . So , the leaders need to be adaptive as per the demands of the situation multi-skilled and agile . They must be quick to take correct decisions An army is a multi-disciplinary organization and has several independent arms to support it , like Army Civilians , NCO corps , defense contractors multinational partners forming part of the team etc . Today 's young Military Officer may be a fighter in the forward front in the morning in the evening he may be asked to take on the leadership of peace negotiation team with the enemy , depending upon subsequent developments He must be ever willing to learn , adaptive to the new trends and above all , he must fondly remember and uphold the values and traditions of the army of which he is the proud and inseparable part

The modern materialistic civilization , the industrial and internet revolution have deep impact on the structure and functioning of the army as well . Remember , the army personnel and leaders are specially trained but they are also ordinary human beings . Any army is continuously undergoing fast changes as new weaponry and equipments are handed over to it . The leader 's responsibility increases with the addition of destructive capacity of the weapons at his disposal . Army leaders lead from the front , they set examples , they inspire the subordinates , and are interested in getting the positive results in the assignments given to them . Their individual career is important to them , but they look ahead and take active interest in motivating and evolving the future leaders of the army . Though from the theory aspect , what is taught to army officers undergoing a particular course is identical , when they again reassemble for a refresher course or an in-service training program at the Army College , each Officer has something unique to contribute from his operational experiences . How he put the knowledge of theory into practice and how he met new challenges in the field

FM-6-22 course covers in details the many roles and responsibilities of Army leaders . The levels of leadership , in the changing security environment and the role of leaders is taught and discussed . One needs to be a good leader as well as a good follower...

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