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Argumentative Essay on Stem Cell Research

: Argumentative Essay on Stem Cell Research

p Specifications : 3 Pages , 3 Sources , MLA Style

: language I need a 5 paragraph argumentative essay on Stem Cell Research , and if it 's ethical , and if so , what are the benefits . I need a Thesis Evidence , Opposition , Rebuttal , and Conclusion paragraph . I 'm in favor of stem cell research , so I would like most of the to be in favor of it also , and have the Opposition paragraph to be against it . Each paragraph needs to be 100 words (give or take a few . It

must have 3 references only . References must be on a Works Sited page . The needs to be double spaced . I need the page number as well as my last name in the upper right hand corner . I need my name , subject , professor and date on it . Christine Adika , English 101 , Professor Roth

Name : Christine Adika

Subject : English 101

Professor : Prof . Roth

Date : April 1 , 2007

Stem cells are embryonic cells that are capable of differentiating into various specialized cells types and can divide over long periods of time . When appropriate conditions are provided (in the laboratory stem cells are encouraged to differentiate into specific cells that are capable of performing a specialized function in the body . However scientists are still finding it difficult in providing the right conditions so that the stem cells could differentiate into specialized cells (Stem Cell Information-NIH . 2006 . Due to these problems , a lot of research is currently required in the field of stem cells to understand the manner , in which these cells multiply , the right conditions that are needed for them to multiply into a particular cell type , and ways in which they could be utilized to replace damaged or diseased cells . My Thesis question would be Is the use of stem cells for research purposes justified , as the benefits to mankind in the future would be numerous

Many scientists feel that stem cells therapy could be utilized in almost any dis or condition in which the tissues are lost as a result of disease , trauma , injuries or birth defects . It can be potentially utilized in the treatment of various diseases such as Diabetes mellitus Parkinsonism , Alzheimer 's disease , leukemias , kidney diss Duchene 's muscular dystrophy , Purkinje cell degeneration , spinal cord injury , strokes , cancers , burns , osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis visual and hearing loss , etc (Angelique Green . 2005 . Stem cell therapy can help revolutionize medicine and the way in which severe diseases are treated . Cells that are genetically identical to the individual requiring a transplant can be utilized to treat the disease and grow organs required . In this way , chances of the host tissue rejecting the transplanted tissues are reduced and disease can be treated successfully (SCRF . 2006

There are a few controversial issues with regard to stem cells . As the stem cells are fertilized eggs that have life and could potentially give rise to a human being , use of these cells for research purposes is considered to be ethically...

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