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Argumentative Research on the HPV Vaccine for Adolescents

Children are susceptible to disease such as rubella , measles and whooping cough if they are not vaccinated , but a child is not susceptible to cervical cancer if she is not vaccinated with Gardasil The only precaution a girl child necessarily needs to exercise being to avoid sex with multiple partners (premarital sex (Allen , 2007

According to Lianne Hart Times Staff Writer , critics of Rick Perry the Texas governor have questioned his ties with Merck with his former chief of staff being the drug maker 's lobbyist . Eyebrows were raised when present chief

of staff and other aides reportedly had met to discuss the state 's immunization program and Merck donated 5 ,000 for governor 's reelection campaign on the same day in 2006 . These events have strengthened the suspicion that Rick Perry has made it mandatory for those aged between 9 -26 years to get vaccinated in to provide business to Merck Co

After a prolonged discussion in favor of and opposing the HPV vaccine , I am of the view that vaccinating a child with HPV vaccine should be optional and not mandatory respecting the religious sentiments of various groups . A girl should have proper sex education and should refrain from having sex , since even condoms have failed to protect from getting affected with HPV and consequently cervical cancer or genital /anal cancer . It doesn 't mean that , a girl not vaccinated would abstain from sex at a younger age . Although an unvaccinated girl is at a higher risk of contracting cervical cancer or genital warts , but she is not Gardasil is active against only four of the 19 High-risk ' HPV types An important point to be borne in mind by the administrators is that HPV vaccination must not be made mandatory since it would amount to intrusion of privacy...

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