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Argumentative Essay- Separation of Church and State envolving the public

: Argumentative Essay- Separation of Church and State involving the public

p : Here are my instructions from my professor

My thesis : Religious activity should not be viewed in the public eye

The thesis of an argumentative essay must have other valid viewpoints on the subject . In the body of the essay , you will need several paragraphs supporting your viewpoint . You will also need a COUNTERARGUMENT paragraph in which you acknowledge the most plausible opposing view explain it , and overcome it


Religious activity should not be viewed in the public eye

. This has been a subject of a lot of controversy nowadays , and people may be having different views about this

Several theorists such as Martin Luther King , William Penn and John Locke felt that the religious and political issues have to be separated in to permit tolerance to all sects of the population (Herwitt J , 2006 . Since history , it may be very difficult to separate religion from politics . This may because religion is the oldest form of law However , it has been seen that rulers or Governments that follow one religious ideology tend to forbid other religions . Since all religions lead to the same God , all spiritual sects should be considered equal and should be given independence . Hence , it would be better to politically keep religious issues out of the spotlight . If religion and politics are mixed , people may find it difficult to experience freedom in practicing the religion of their choice (Herwitt , J , 2006 . It has been observed that due to disagreements and difference of ideas between various religions , disharmony and violence have erupted . Political systems that due not promote secularism by being associated with a particular religion , are at a higher risk of causing such situations in the public (Herwitt , J , 2006

Jesus himself was against the idea of use of the Temple in the New Testament for trade purposes . In the Gospel of John , Jesus enters the Temple in Jerusalem and finds that the Temple courtyard was being utilized to sell livestock and perform trade . Jesus was angry with this incident and he made a whip , chased the livestock , turned all the tables and released the doves . In the Book of Isaiah Jesus says My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56 :7 , and in the Book of Jeremiah , he says But you have made it a den of thieves (Jeremiah 7 :11 . Jesus called the market place `den of thieves because he considered them to be selling their produce at a very high cost which could not be afforded by the poor . Doves were often used to be sacrificed by the poor whilst praying to God . He felt that the market noise may not permit people to pray to God

It is better to keep religious activities and statements within the religious circle itself and not create undue publicity . Religious statements and activities are being misinterpreted by other religions or sects , creating undue tensions and ill-feelings . Scientists...

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